Top 10 Added Value Renovations

Jul 26, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Big and Small Changes: How to add value to your home

When preparing to sell your house there are lots of ways to increase not only the value of your home, but also to reduce the time it stays on the market. With just one quick walk through of your house, consultants at Carmax can identify areas that that can be improved upon before putting your house on the market. This article outlines ten things to look to modify in your home, and discuss with a Carmax consultant.

Repaint your house

While many home improvements can be expensive, they do not have to be. Painting your house with a low-VOC paint makes your home look vibrant while modernizing with eco-friendly attitudes. Do not forget to also repaint your deck and wooden fences.

Energy-efficient windows

The Alberta Government recently introduced a program whereby you can receive a tax credits for environmentally conscious home renovations. This rebate, combined with reduced energy bills makes adding energy-efficient windows almost free.

Modest bathroom updates

For the biggest bang for your buck, focus on modernizing the floor and fixtures in your washroom, and resist more extravagant changes.

Open up your home

Removing non-load bearing walls will create a more open floor plan, giving your home a modern look while allowing a blank slate for the new owners.

Pruning your garden

Bringing in a professional to address your garden can result in a massive return. Simply by cleaning unkempt bushes and trimming old trees can make your home look sharp and professional.

Replace lights and light switches

Replacing lightbulbs with high-efficiency bulbs is good for your energy bill but also provides better lighting in your home. Additionally, replacing light-switches with dimmer switches gives your home a more intimate atmosphere.

Update your front door

Your front door is the first impression. Whether replacing it entirely, or simply refinishing it will make a difference when it comes time to sell.

Get rid of old carpet

Nobody is proud of the old carpet that lines their basement floor, potential buyers will not find it appealing either. Replacing old carpet with luxury vinyl tiling is a cheap and effective way to improve your basement.

New kitchen appliances

This is another area where you want to be modest. Instead of replacing your kitchen appliances with the top of the line models, consider just modernizing them. Take specific care choosing appliances that are energy efficient and will fit in any décor.

Replace your roof

No new homeowner wants to worry whether their new house will be compromised by an old or broken roof. Remove these fears by replacing broken shingles, or the entire roof.

The best tip to improve the value of your house is to include a profession. Consultants at Carmax can ensure that you do not perform expensive renovations that will not increase the value of your home, allowing you to focus on the smallest changes that provide the biggest returns.