Commercial Renovations


Are You Planning an Office Overhaul?

For many business owners, the idea of renovating an office space can be quite overwhelming. There are so many different factors to contemplate. How much will the renovations end up costing? How long will the renovations take? And most importantly, who can I trust to ensure that the project is completed successfully, on time, and on budget?

Carmax Consulting specializes in the highest quality commercial office renovations. We can work with you to make certain that your office transformation is a resounding success. Remember, your office space represents your employees and your brand.

Our experienced office renovators know how crucial it is to design and create a work space that enhances every facet of your company’s style and work atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a design that is original and eclectic or polished and professional, we know how to deliver a result that will bring out your building and brand’s best features, while guaranteeing an ideal environment for your staff.

Quality Office Renovations and Commercial Contracting ​

We’ve completed office renovations and commercial contracting projects for a huge range of clients, all of whom were looking to create the perfect environment for their employees while remaining fashionable and functional. We understand how to blend the requirements of space efficiency and capacity limits with the chief elements of design.

Looking to redesign your commercial office space? Contact Carmax Consulting today for a free consultation.

Consultation and Communication

With our thorough and transparent consultation process, we’ll make certain your commercial space turns into the environment you had imagined. Whether you would like a cheerful, open space with hard lines and modern touches or a modern feel that has abundant room and functional places for an assortment of operations, we will accomplish it with a meticulous process of consulting from conception to completion.

A large concern for many of our clients is whether they can achieve their anticipated results while staying within the stern codes of their building. Through a vigilant design and construction process, we can create an interior that meets these requirements, while maintaining the heritage, structural safety and integrity of the building as well. The key to victory lies in a cautious assessment of the details

On Time and On Budget

We’ve completed office renovations for both newer and older building spaces, so you can count on our team to be aware of every single factor along the way. Whether there is a strict noise policy, exterior alteration rules, or other considerations to adhere to, we have experience with it all.

Similarly, we’ve dealt with every type structural constraint and budget, and know how to get the desired result no matter what it takes. Problem solving is a trademark of our success, enabling us to deliver world-class projects that are visually stunning, on time, and on budget.