Planning your Kitchen Renovation

Aug 25, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Renovating your kitchen will improve the functionality and overall value of your home. If you have been considering a major kitchen renovation, look no further than Carmax Consulting. Our Consumer Award-winning company will work to ensure all your home kitchen renovation goals are met and exceeded. Our attention to detail, focus on quality, and impeccable customer service will leave you feeling satisfied with the kitchen of your dreams.

Starting the process

Every step of the way, Carmax Consulting makes the kitchen renovation process simple and transparent. First, we will come to your house to perform a walk-through to understand what you want from renovations and make sure they match the services we provide. An initial design and cost estimate will set you off on the right path in terms of your budget and desired outcome. Our friendly team will then draw up a contract perfect for you to make sure the renovation plan is clear and professional – this plan will be followed through to the completion of your kitchen, keeping your opinions in mind throughout the process. Then you sit back and relax while we obtain the permits and manage the project while we adjust to any changes you might have.

Rising up to any project

Everything from basic kitchen installations to advanced custom work, we will do it all for our clients. From sturdy flooring, elegant countertops, and custom cabinetry to intricate plumbing and lighting fixtures, the professionals at Carmax will take your kitchen renovation from planning to completion. With flexible financing options available, your budget and project timeline will be met. Making your kitchen more contemporary and livable also adds a lot of value to your home overall, a goal of any home renovator.

Keeping in trend

All Carmax kitchen renovations keep in touch with current trends, including features such as hidden appliances, custom tiling, and quartz or crystal countertops. As we have access to many different styles of cabinetry and flooring materials, kitchen fixtures, and appliances, we can confidently achieve any look, from rustic to modern, in your kitchen today. Our consultants will consider the existing style of your home while simultaneously incorporating new and updated features to your kitchen to maximize continuity of your personal style.

Planning your kitchen renovation can be stressing and overwhelming – leave it up the professionals at Carmax Consulting for a superior, stress-free job. Visit our website to contact us with any inquiries or to set up an appointment today. We will live up to our award-winning standards and make sure you are satisfied with your home kitchen remodeling.