Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular residential services offered by Carmax. As an easy way to add value to your home and increase your overall use of the space, the kitchen is a valuable area to remodel with the right plan in place. In the final instalment of our three part series, we’ll cover a few details of what to expect during a kitchen renovation. You can read part one and part two.

Are you planning on an upcoming home renovation? Kitchen remodels can be the perfect way to revitalize a tired space and breathe new life into the whole home. As the central hub for much of our daily lives, including meals and family time, the kitchen serves as both a social hotspot and important functional space.

With the proper planning, your renovation can be relatively hassle free and get your family back into the space you love in no time. Learn what to expect below!

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Your Budget Plays An Important Role

Before your project can get underway, it’s important to determine your budget and discuss relevant details with your contractor. Having a hard budget plays a key part in determining the materials and construction methods to be used, as well as your overall scope of work. Most budgets tend to incorporate three different numbers:

  • Your preferred range
  • Your comfortable “flex” range
  • Your absolute hard limit, inclusive of any flex room.

Once your budget is determined, your contractor will be able to get to work planning out your project details to correspond with your price range.

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An important part of any home renovation project is ensuring that all work done will be up to code, including bylaws and all related standards. Depending on the scope of your kitchen remodel, your contractor may have to do some legwork to acquire permits etc.

Patience Pays Off

The reality of home renovations, big or small, is that there is going to be some inconvenience throughout the construction process. With kitchens in particular, it can be frustrating to not be able to access your cooking appliances for a short period of time, but with a little foresight, these challenges can be (at least partially mitigated). At Carmax, for example, we often try to set up mini “kitchenettes” for our families to reduce the overall convenience and use a strict project management system to make sure we’re always on track. While it can feel a little jarring to have your daily routine disrupted, try to remember the benefits you have to look forward to!

Are you ready to get started on your kitchen renovation? Contact our team today to learn more!