Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular residential services offered by Carmax. As an easy way to add value to your home and increase your overall use of the space, the kitchen is a valuable area to remodel with the right plan in place. Over the next few weeks, we’re excited to share a few pointers to keep in mind when considering your next project! Stay tuned for parts two and three coming soon!

Are you looking to breathe new life into your home and create the perfect space for you and your family? Home renovations are a fantastic way to add value to any property, while also ensuring that your house meets your needs. One of the most popular areas that homeowners choose to begin with is the kitchen.

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As the central hub for many of our daily activities, including meals, conversations, and plenty of family time, it’s no surprise that kitchens are widely considered the heart of every home. Whether you’ve just moved into your space, or have lived in the same location for decades, kitchen renovations can be the perfect way to bring a modern, welcoming, feel to your home. Learn more about why you should consider “starting with the heart” for your next renovation.

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The Main Artery For Your Home

The kitchen doesn’t just play an important role in our daily lives, it’s also a crucial part of the layout of your entire home. Regardless of whether the aesthetic of your property is 1930’s character charm or a modern open concept, your eating and meal preparation area directly influence how other spaces (living rooms, bathrooms, etc.) fit together in the overall floor plan.

The Perfect Kick-Off Point

Because of their integral role in the layout of your entire home, kitchens are an ideal starting point for homeowners considering the renovation of multiple areas. Upgrading your eating area can influence the feel of the entire home’s decor, and serve as a guide for future projects. Whether you’re looking for a rustic vibe with custom cabinetry, or the sleek shine of modern chrome, starting with the kitchen provides plenty of value up front for homeowners to enjoy!

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No Shortage of Options to Choose From

If you’ve been contemplating a kitchen renovation for quite some time, but are unsure of what kind of remodel best suits your space, there’s no need to worry. With the proper team on your side, finding the right custom fit can be a breeze. Common options include opening up smaller kitchens in older homes, as well as the addition of smart appliances and other elements that help increase energy efficiency in your home.

Are you ready to get started on your kitchen renovation? Contact our team today to learn more!