Medical Office Renovations: Keeping Construction Painless

Oct 26, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

As any business owner will know, one of the most daunting prospects when it comes to building upkeep is renovations. This is particularly true for those in the medical or dental fields, where ‘closing up shop’ for a few days has significantly higher impact on clientele. Luckily, a relatively painless renovation process is possible with the right construction management team at work. Here are a few of our recommendations for making your medical building renovations as seamless as possible.

Make Sure You Have a Clean Environment Throughout

Keeping a sterile environment is a key to being able to keep your area safe for patients. This means being able to isolate dust, debris carefully, along with other contaminants that may enter the air as the result of construction. Work closely with your construction team to find a plan that best suits your practice’s needs.

Review Security Protocols

Medical offices present the unique challenge of maintaining client privacy and comfort. Making sure your renovation crew is aware of your protocol as well as any areas to avoid, should prevent any breaches in security.

Build a Schedule That Suits Your Patients and the Construction Crew

It may be hard to find a balance between maintaining your day to day practice and allowing your builders the time they need to get the job done, but scheduling things out will help. Be prepared to make a few sacrifices that may include closing for a few days or reducing hours temporarily.

Give your clients plenty of notice

The best thing you can do to minimize your impact on patients is to give them advanced notice regarding any upcoming renovations. Be prepared to rebook and reschedule where necessary, and do your best to reassure your clientele that everything will be “business as usual”. After all, with the right construction team on your side, things will be back to normal in no time!

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