How to Save On Your Next Home Renovation

Oct 24, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Looking to save on your next home renovation project? As a team of industry experts, check out a few of our top tips to keep your budget wallet friendly!

Make room in your budget for overages

Going over budget can be a frustrating part of the construction process if you don’t plan ahead. Leave room for upgrading products (just in case you find a piece you happen to fall in love with) and the resulting increase in scope of work to avoid disappointment.

Design with the long-term in mind

Just because something is budget friendly up front doesn’t mean it won’t burn a hole in your wallet later on. Look to use materials that hold their value and are less likely to need significant repair sooner than later.

Stay (energy) efficient

With Alberta offering energy incentives to home and business owners, there’s more reason than ever to incorporate efficient items into your renovation. Most are designed to last for quite some time, saving you money long after installation.

Stick to the plan

It can be easy to be distracted by the many different choices on the market, but once you’ve locked into a design, it’s important to stick to the goal in mind. If you’re working with a contractor, stay transparent on your expectations and don’t be afraid to ask questions. At the same time, trust in their guidance and be open to suggestions that allow the project to proceed on pace.

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