How to Jump Start Your Kitchen Renovations

Apr 12, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know that one of the most common areas for homeowners to start their renovations is the kitchen? As the central hub for many families, the kitchen is often one of the busiest and most used areas of the home. As properties age or families expand, having a space that is up to date and serves the current (and future) needs of residents simply makes sense. Add on the fact that kitchen renovations are a surefire way to increase long-term property value, and it’s no surprise that this is such a popular area for alterations!

At Carmax Consulting, we know just how much thought and careful planning go into the perfect kitchen reno (in fact, you can see some of our previous projects here!). The right changes will enhance the aesthetics and function of your home, leaving you with a space that’s as gorgeous as it is practical. They also serve as the perfect jumping off point for other main floor renovations, and a great way to breathe new life into an older home. Partnering with an experienced contractor will give you peace of mind, ensure all changes are up to code and suited to your home, and expedite the process so you’re back to normal in no time. To help you start off on the right foot, we’ve compile a list of our top tips for homeowners planning a kitchen renovation.

Kickstart Your Pre-Planning with The Right Resources

Looking to save time and money in the early stages of your project? Obtaining the original construction drawings for your building will make a significant impact for your contractors, and potentially even eliminate the need to hire an engineer (which can cost up to $2000)! These drawings will help those involved in the design of your renovations identify and accommodate all elements of your structure. If you can’t get your hands on the original drawings, fear not! Professionals like the team at Carmax can provide a structural engineer to create a structure report and drawings for reference during your project. These documents ensure everything is done to code (including identifying the need for building permit where applicable) and add an extra layer of safety to the entire process.

Know What Kind of Products You Want Installed

One of the best ways to get your projects off to a strong start is to come in with a solid idea of what kind of finishes you want for the completed product. Knowing your budget and ideal aesthetic for items such as flooring, countertops, appliances, and lighting fixtures will help your contractor get to work and potentially even save you money. An experienced pro will be able to take your tastes into account, and may even be able to find products at competitive cost!

Bonus tip: Consider LED lighting for your project. Not only are LED lights low maintenance and stylish, they offer a low cost, high reward investment for homeowners.

Don’t Be Scared to Trust Your Contractor

The right partnership with a contractor should leave you feeling confident in not only their professional capabilities, but also your ability to communicate freely throughout the design and construction phases. At the end of the day, your contracting team is there to help, and should be willing to take all questions and concerns into account. At Carmax, we take this part of all projects to heart, and strive to go above and beyond for our customers, providing clients with a design, product recommendations and other important elements before the project begins so they are part of the collaborative process. We put your confidence, security, and results first, so you never have to doubt if you’re in the best hands!

To learn more about kitchen renovations or to obtain a quote for your next project, contact us today!