How to Identify A Trustworthy Contractor

Jan 30, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

If you’ve been considering renovations to your home or commercial space lately, you may have already noticed that knowing how to choose a reputable contractor can be a bit of a challenge. Carmax has been serving Edmonton and area since 2009, with a reputation for excellence. To help you avoid getting burned and to prevent unnecessary headaches, we’ve compiled a short list of signs of a good contracting firm.

Transparent and Accessible Communication

The first sign of a decent contractor is transparency and accessibility. If you have difficulty getting in touch with them during the quoting phase, things are unlikely to improve during the construction process. A good contractor will prioritize clear communication with clients, as well as subcontractors, to deliver superior results.

Sets Realistic Expectations and Isn’t Afraid, to Be Honest

Another good indication of a solid contractor is their ability to set realistic expectations for your project. It can be easy to be swayed by contractors that promise you everything under the moon, but an experienced construction consulting company will know how to bridge the gap between wants and practical applications. They’ll also be able to explain the best way to go about achieving your goals at a reasonable budget.

Provides Proof of Insurance and License Upfront

This one may seem like common sense, but a vetted contractor will have no issues presenting any related industry documentation. If a professional is resisting sharing their license or insurance papers…you may want to rethink working with them.

Presents a Laid Out Timeline for Completion

One of the surefire signs of an experienced firm is the ability to provide clients with clear plans that detail each phase of the project, including milestones, pay structure, and overall duration. They’ll also be able to identify factors that might delay each phase and outline plans to prevent delays.

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