Home Additions for Added Space and Value

Aug 23, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Whether to avoid the stress of moving, expand your square footage, or to change your house with the time – adding an addition to your house is becoming increasingly popular. Including a professional construction consult throughout this process is strongly advised. Some additions or extensions require various permits while others necessitate the involvement of engineers or architects. Carmax consultants are knowledgeable and have the experience to help curate additions to many popular rooms including the kitchen, bathrooms, and accessory dwelling units.

The Kitchen

The role that the kitchen has played over the last 40 years is constantly evolving. Once a tucked away room, separate from the living areas in the home, the kitchen is now the heartbeat of your home. Many people that had homes built before the open concept kitchen was introduced are looking to breathe new life into this vital space. One way to accomplish is this by extending your kitchen and living area so that they are combined. While this can be an expensive endeavour, it is a guaranteed way to update the entire style of your home and add a lot of value to it.

The Bathroom

A growing or aging family often means increased competition for the bathroom. Many homeowners are rectifying these problems by adding a new bathroom to their home. The benefits of an additional bathroom go beyond reducing your wait time for a shower – the National Association of Home Builders estimates such an addition raises your house’s value by almost 20%.

The “Granny Flat”

Adding accessory dwelling to your home is a great way to accommodate an elderly member of your family coming to live with you, or an additional renter. Accessory dwelling units can be attached to your house by building them over top of a garage, or can be a detached from your home but reside on your property. This type of construction is a large investment, but will pay back with dividends when it comes time to sell or through money acquired from renting.

The first step to a home addition is to contact a professional to help define the scope of your project. Whether it is as small as adding a bathroom, or as large as additional living space – Carmax consultants are there to help with all the permits and contractors so that your renovation dreams can come true with as little stress as possible. For an onsite walkthrough, click the “Contact Us” link to start the conversation.