Commercial Office Renovation Tips

Jan 27, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Thinking of sprucing up your office with some much-needed renovations? Carmax Consulting has been helping local Edmonton businesses with their commercial construction needs since 2009. Follow our tips below to guarantee a stress-free renovation process!

Start with a Plan

Before construction can get started, you’ll want to be able to sit down with your contractor and draw up a solid idea of what kind of changes are best suited to your specific needs and space. Working with commercial professionals will give accurate blueprints to work with, as well as expert advice to help expedite the process.

Know Your Budget and Any Hard Timelines

Knowing your spend limit up front will help determine which plans best align with your budget, along with the kinds of materials that should be used throughout your project. It’s also vital that you know of any specific deadlines and communicate them to your contractor early on. This will help avoid frustration and undue complications.

Survey Your Property and Make Sure All Paperwork is in Order

Before construction begins, you’ll want to have a professional conduct an in-depth evaluation of the site to identify and potential challenges, necessary repairs, and other aspects that will directly impact your build. You’ll also want to ensure that you have the correct zoning documentation, permits and that the owners or tenants of your building (if applicable) are aware of any details of your project that may impact their operations.

Make Sure Safety Protocols are Accessible to Everyone

Work site safety should be at the front of your priorities through all stages of your project. Your construction team will be able to give you any specifics for your build, as well as the general “need to know” points to help you prepare. Make sure your staff are educated and adhere to guidelines by wearing protective equipment (hard hats, boots, safety goggles etc.) and know what to expect throughout the entire construction process.

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