Did you know that one of the biggest determining factors of a construction project’s success, regardless of scope or total dollar investment, is a well executed process? Even with the best resources at your finger tips, a faulty project management process can cause hefty delays, additional costs, and lead to overall dissatisfaction for clients.

At Carmax, we understand just how important a refined renovation process is to guaranteeing a smooth renovation experience for everyone. That’s why we take the time at the start, as well as throughout the project to plan out each detail with care. Learn more about our process and the benefits to our clients below!

1. Where It All Starts

The first step in our process involves a thorough walk through of your property, as well as a face to face meeting that makes it easier to discuss and address your objectives, scope of work, and any initial concerns you may have.

2. Cost Estimating

After going through your scope of work, our team of experts will do our homework, and the math to determine a preliminary cost estimate to determine an estimated project cost for your build.

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3. Planning and Design

Flawless construction requires blue prints and designs you can count on. During this stage of the process, our team created a detailed plan for your project, making sure to take in any special requirements of your space and overall vision.

4. Construction Budget and Contract

Once the planning take is complete, your budget is finalized and a detailed contract complete with financial schedule is created.

5. Obtain Permits

Prior to construction, Carmax will ensure all necessary permits are in place for your project.

6. Project Management

With everything ready to move ahead, your project will enter the management phase, which includes professional oversight and a dedicated supervisor to act as your point of contact throughout the construction process. You’ll be given access to our online construction management tool, Buildertrend, which allows you to view a constantly updating view of your project from start to finish.

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7. Construction

Carmax relies on our team of highly skilled trades people and reputable suppliers to ensure that your project is on schedule, on budget, and perfectly aligns with your end goals.

8. Completion

Once construction has finished and all details are to our rigorous standards, our team will preform a final walk through and provides a comprehensive 2-year warranty to back our work. All that’s left to do is enjoy your brand new space!

Ready to breathe new life into your space? Contact Carmax today!