A Consumer Choice kind of mindset

Feb 13, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Established in 1987, The Consumer Choice Award (CCA) initial purpose was to recognize business excellence of small to medium service companies in specific markets to assist consumers of their choices. Over the course of time, promoting award-winners to the public was introduced to add greater awareness to each award-winners while providing the benefit of optimizing the recognition further in the market place.

Today, their business model captures the opinions of consumers and business people without the influence of industry insiders, advocate groups or unethical business practices. The results are gained through accurate and well-proven independent market research, making the Consumer Choice Award recognition well earned and all

the more significant. They are not an association you can join, but rather an organization that is exclusive to the top industry ranking companies only.

The Consumer Choice Award brand is strong and vibrant; it dominates brand awareness and equity among all recognition categories across 14 major metropolitan areas in Canada.They are recognized as the most renowned and prestigious business award in the nation that provides a clear advantage that simply cannot be matched.

Carmax Consulting is very proud to have been selected in the category of Construction Consulting in Northern Alberta. Thank you to all who may have casted a ballot. We will continue to strive to meet all of your expectations in the future. We are grateful to have worked with many wonderful people over the course of the last 6 years.