Is it time to consider renovating your office space?

Maintaining your office space is an integral part of growing your business. While it can be easy to let your building fall into disrepair, overtime, outdated fixtures, visible damage and other issues can affect your reputation, decrease moral, and overall effect your brand’s ability to grow. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your space some TLC, it may be time to invest in some upgrades. Below are 5 Signs It’s time To Consider An Office Renovation.

1. Your Age Is Showing

While older buildings and furnishings can be chic, there’s quite a difference between stylish and outdated. If your office is showing visible signs of wear, such as peeling wallpaper, dingy carpets, scuffed flooring and more, you’re likely not doing yourself any favours when it comes to making a good impression on staff or customers. If it’s been several decades since an interior designer has set foot into your space, it’s likely time to make a change.

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2. Traffic Is Slower Than Usual

As we said above, tired looking spaces often tend to make a less than memorable impression with consumers. If your foot traffic seems to be plateauing or dwindling, you may want to take a close look at your aesthetics and consider if an interior face lift would help boost your numbers back to normal.

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3. Your Brand Has Evolved

Over time, your business may evolve into a much different entity from where you initially started. It’s important to have an aesthetic that matches your current branding and gives you the freedom to continue to grow in the future.

4. Your Team Needs Room To Grow

Speaking of growth…if you’ve been rapidly on boarding new members or have plans to expand your crew in the coming months, you may need extra space to better accommodate extra bodies. A renovation can help you utilize your current property with ease opposed to having to find a new building.

5. You Want To Invest In The Future

Investing in your space can be a wise move when it comes to guaranteeing the longevity of your business plans. Partnering with an experienced contracting team like Carmax can make it easy to design a renovation that meets your needs today, as well as in the future. Contact us now to learn more!