2018 Kitchen Remodel Trends

Jan 24, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

With the new year comes new styles for all areas of your home. A popular area for renovation, which also has a high return regarding boosting property value is kitchen renovations. Kitchens are a prime candidate for large or small-scale remodels, with plenty of style options at your disposal. If you’re considering redoing your kitchen area in 2018, here are a few trends you’ll want to keep in mind.

Eco-Friendly Retrofits and Appliances

Eco-friendly remodels are more popular than ever, especially with the Government of Alberta providing homeowners with energy incentives. Appliances such as low flow faucets, passive lighting (skylights), LED lighting, certified energy efficient fridges and dishwashers all help to make a difference in your home’s overall footprint. As we move towards a consistently more energy conscious culture, they also help boost your resale value.

Smart Kitchens

As with eco-friendly trends, smart kitchens are an ‘in’ feature. From fridges with touchscreens to smart lighting, there are multiple ways to make your kitchen higher tech, no matter what your budget is.

Open Floor Plans

Open concept areas aren’t a new trend, but they are increasingly in high demand. They are of particular benefit in the kitchen as they facilitate easy movement and flow throughout the high traffic hub of the home. If you’re planning a reno, you’ll want to talk with your contractor about incorporating open concepts into your design.

Concrete, Stone, and Industrial Aesthetics

There has a been a recent surge style wise towards the introduction of concrete, chrome, slate, and stone features within the kitchen. These features give the space a sleek, refined, and industrial feel, giving a high-end look to even the smallest of spaces.

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