2018 Home Renovation Trends

Jan 29, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Looking to make some changes to your home to stay in style and up to date with 2018 trends? Home designs can be a tricky to stay on top of, but Carmax is here to help! Check out our list below to find out a few of 2018’s most anticipated home trends.

Go Bold

While the last few years have seen muted, understated colours and features grow popular, bolder colours seem to be on the way in. Striking colours such as blue, purple, and jewel tones are becoming a common contrast point in homes. Typically, they are paired against a sleek, simplistic backdrop that gives them room to pop.

Geometric Shapes

Just like bold colours making a comeback, geometric features that break up the monotony of a room are seeing a rise in popularity. From vases to lighting fixtures, bold, playful structures are definitely in! Popular trends also include herringbone tiles, subway tile, and geometrical cushions, accent walls, and wallpaper.

Natural Wood

Vinyl tile is still a popular medium for flooring, but there has a been a strong resurgence of natural wood. Unstained cabinetry, statement pieces, and floor planks are trend leaders for the year.

Barrier Free Remodels

Barrier-free design has become increasingly popular over the past few years. As a sure way to add longterm value, as well as comfort to your home, renovations that focus around the removal of obstacles and creating an easily accessible environment for residents are a wise investment both for the present and future.

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